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Greetings From Bhutan

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Explore Bhutan with us at Bhutan Druk Adventure (Thimphu); we are a travel company with many years of experience to our credit. Give us an opportunity to take you around the beautiful landscape of Bhutan, often referred to as the ‘last Shangri-la’. Once you get acquainted with this stunning land that has still managed to retain its culture and much of its unique traditions, we guarantee you will want to return. The spectacular scenic beauty that abounds here & the myriad flora and fauna add to the enchantment of this land, & it will be hard for you to leave all this beauty and peace behind when your trip gets over.

It is not often that you will get a chance to come across a country which is the only one of its kind in the world, where progress is measured in GNH (Gross National Happiness), i.e. a measure of the wellbeing of the citizens. Come explore this enchanting and mysterious land of Thunder Dragon, with us at Bhutan Druk Adventure.

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Exotic Journey: Bhutan

The only Buddhist nation on earth is also the only one that measures its success in terms of "Gross National Happiness." Bhutan includes some of the highest peaks on the planet, where unique and welcoming monasteries cling to cliff faces, and is both culturally fascinating and an outdoor recreation wonderland for hikers and mountain bikers to explore. It is one of the least visited non-hostile nations on earth, because it has been very careful about tourism development: to avoid sprawl and overdevelopment, Bhutan limits visas issued and requires visitors to have fully planned itineraries before arriving, and is one of just two nations with minimum required daily spending for visitors - but it's worth it. Two of the world's best boutique luxury hotel chains, Aman Resorts and Como Resorts, have multiple lodges here set up for logistically easy - and decadent - explorations of Bhutan. Accessible only from Thailand or India, "The Land of the Thunder Dragon," is one of the most uniquely individual places on earth, physically and culturally.