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Adventure Tours

Are you bike enthusiast? Bhutan can be your right destination if you're looking for some thing different away from home. It is easier said than done. How do you know what you want unless you venture out to feel how is like to ride in the mountainous road following its natural contour and actually weigh it for yourself? Its numerous turn and twist should keep you at all time agile and nimble. Traversing through the trail, which has remained largely untouched, in itself is the charm to claim and not miss it. Cruising is what counts to keep your spirit of biking alive under the guise of many awaiting surprises. Our road is a user friendly but depends on how well you maneuver to get out of the maze and reach your destination safe. Road is access to all terminals in 20 districts across the kingdom. The smiling of clear sky, roads through green forest, sounds of torrential rivers, and chirping birds give additional great moment of ridings. Its size and shapes of roads on the high mountain and down to the valleys provides you new experience and builds up extra skills. An arch of new door is waiting for your adventure to step into and feel the differences in the land of true heaven.

Rafting Tours
hutan being dominated by its lofty mountains, one cannot expect a smooth transition for one to enjoy in the wake of rafting in Bhutan. Rivers follow its mountain foot to reach the great Indian plain. Stretch across its bank is not at its best to enjoy smooth rafting. For the thriller lover, rafting in Bhutan can be adventurous as well life threatening too. Rivers have its source on the mountain top; therefore, its journey downward is on the rush. Yelling and limping in torrent is the order of the course. The path through which our river chose to flow determines its strength and become dangerous at times to follow its course of flow. It falls from a staggering height to an abyss of depression, rocky cliff, deep gorges, and valleys. However, there are few districts having the magnificent river flowing in plain areas. Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, wangdue, and Bumthang are the district where there are suitable and the best river for rafter to enjoy rafting and can raft to maximum of 10-50 km in each place. Amid the rich natural heritage and the beautiful landscape, thrilling experience is what counts towards the end of the excursion.

Cycling Tours
Bhutan is said to be the most suitable destination for cycling for one to enjoy the hair-standing thrill with all the unexpected turn and twist is there to overwhelm you and sometimes even baffling at times. It will never appear to you that you have traveled this far because you'll travel under the cover of evergreen vegetation full of air. Beside, traveling in the Bhutanese road is liking you're out for a scary adventure to make, one moment you're plying on the smooth transit and the next moment you're on the precipice at the height that is impossible for one to discern and appreciate; yet, our road is user friendly! It's about your stamina and gallant bravery to resist heat, cold, wind, and earth. Pristine environment is all we can promise to offer for you to enjoy. You should be ready for all weathers: The heat of Africa, Cold of Siberia, Pleasant warmth of Italy, and Dry and arid climate of the desert. The landscape and geographical features of Bhutan touches the heart of enthusiastic cyclist, which gears the zeal of riding in the fresh and conducive atmosphere. Bhutan is connected by 4392 km road network to 20 districts with almost having same geographical landscape. Bhutan is definitely an ideal for cycling.